Meeting with Organic Farming Experts - Highlights
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Meeting with Organic Farming Experts - Highlights


Held On :


Organised By : REVA University


Meeting with Organic Farming Experts - Highlights

Held On :

Organised By :

REVA University

Meeting with Organic Farming Experts - Highlights

We had an informative and productive meeting with Dr Gowda and a team of experts from Microbi Agrotech Pvt Ltd and Kolar Organic Ltd on Friday, the 9th of June. During the meeting, we mainly discussed the growing concern of unrestricted, extensive use of harmful chemical fertilisers in farming practices. Dr K. R. Hullunache Gowda and Dr Vikram Gowda have been training farmers free of charges to spread the awareness to adopt and implement safer and more effective farming practices such as Organic Farming.


During the meeting, we discussed several issues which are listed as follows.

1. Prof. Shilpa, Head of School, Biotechnology commenced the session by introducing the faculty team members to the guests Dr Gowda and his team.

3. Many of our students come from agricultural or farming backgrounds. Exposure to safer farming practices may certainly inspire them to not only take back to agriculture but also adopt safer alternatives and spread the awareness amongst their folks. Dr Gowda kindly agreed to assist us in this regard. On the commencement of the new academic session, we plan to schedule a convenient date to take interested students on a field visit followed by a workshop.

4. Dr. Gowda emphasized on the need to replace chemical pesticides and insecticides with safer alternatives such as their product 'Dr. Soil'. He went on to show us promising evidences from the use of their product by a multitude of farmers.

5. We proposed to undertake testing of soil's microbial content as a joint project to shed light on the metagenomic aspects. Dr. Gowda kindly agreed to support the study which may lead to a high quality publication. By way of this joint project, we believe our association with the two firms would mutually benefit both our students and the team of experts.

6. Our faculty team members have kindly agreed to prepare a draft mainly on the outline of the work to be carried out and have it ready by the weekend, 17th of June to initiate the study at the earliest opportunity.

7. We also discussed the possibility to build smart solutions to benefit the farmers, in collaboration with research and innovation cell.

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