Best Idea Competition - 2017
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Best Idea Competition – 2017


Held On : 01-09-2017


Organised By : Management Dept


Best Idea Competition – 2017

Held On :

Organised By :

REVA University

The School of Computing & IT in association with Computer Society of India, REVA University Branch, organized the final round of “Best Idea Competition” for the students of REVA University on 1st September, 2017. Dr. Anirban Basu, President, Computer Society of India, was the chief guest for the event. Students from different schools participated and presented their ideas during the course of this competition which consisted of 3 rounds. First two rounds were screened by internal faculty members and the final round was judged by Dr. Anirban Basu (External) and Dr. Gopal Krishna Shyam (School of CIT).

Chief Guest, Dr. Basu, in his address, spoke about benefits of CSI membership and motivated students to come up with innovative solutions to problems.

Our students presented some very promising and useful ideas like e-pass for BMTC buses which save a lot of revenue spent by BMTC on printed tickets, a secure Social Network for students of REVA University with strong encryption, a web portal to help all first year students to learn computer programming at their own pace to help student from biology and other backgrounds to learn programming logic and languages, a wi-fi storage for data and charge to be able to use data and charge in emergency situations, hardware based security device to protect oneself from attackers.


The winning ideas and the winner students of this competition are:

1st Prize Winner. Topic : Driving Simulator presented by P. Guru Prashanth (R15CS259) and P. Sai Venkat (R15CS260)

Abstract: Driving simulators replicate actual driving experiences through all types of scenarios that include vehicle handling, scanning and hazard detection, parallel parking and hydroplaning. Other situations include distracted and impaired driving. It simulates driving during different times of a day and during various weather conditions, for example, giving tips like better scanning through visual and verbal instruction.


2nd Prize Winner. Topic : BMTC e-pass application presented by Ganesh H. (R15CS116) and Gunashekhar B. (R15CS125)

Abstract: Passengers in BMTC buses would travel through pass without id-proofs by taking advantage of crowded buses, where conductor may not be able to verify their proofs. In order to avoid such problems,

custom mobile application is proposed to achieve the following:

  • A passenger can sign up, based on his identity proof, address proof, valid photo
  • A unique id would be assigned to each passenger
  • e-wallet exclusive for BMTC travel can be recharged via online online transactions
  • Automatic cancellation if validity is expired
  • Non-transferrable as each user have unique id


3rd Prize Winner. Topic: SYE: Secure Your Environment presented by Vedashree D. (R15CS428) and Twinkle (R15CS419)

Abstract: The SYE helps a person escape dangerous situations by constantly keeping track of the environment he/she is in. The device contains as a fly drone which hovers above the person and creates a defence, keeping attackers at bay using a flashlight that is bright enough to blind a bear. The drone is as small as fly and uses Nano drone technology to access the situation and take control of it. The biggest problem during such a situation is that the victim has no time to react and protect themselves. The SYE device has a solution to this problem as it detects danger using temperature monitoring system and blood pressure of both the attacker and the victim.

We congratulate all the winner teams of the “BEST IDEA COMPETITION -2017”.

On behalf of School of C&IT, We would like to thank Our Honourable Chancellor Sir, Vice Chancellor sir , Pro-VC sir, Registrar sir, Director- Planning & Placement sir, and all Directors of various schools for their constant support and motivation.

We would like to thank our Director Sir: Dr Sunilkumar S Manvi, Deputy Director Sir: Dr. Mallikarjun K., Assistant Director Sir(s): Dr. Mallikarjuna Shastry and (Dr.) Ashwin Kumar U. M, and and all the Organizing committee members of School of C&IT.

Last but not the least, we thank all the participants from various schools, who showed great interest in this event.



Dr. Gopal K. Shyam

Dr. Rajeev Ranjan

Prof. Sarvamangala D. R

Prof. Nimritha K.

Prof. Naveen Chandra G.

Prof. Priyadarshini R.

Prof. Priyanka B.


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