Research Mentoring Session by Dr. Shashidhar Koolagudi, NIT, Surathkal on 16th Dec 2017 - REVA University
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Research Mentoring Session by Dr. Shashidhar Koolagudi, NIT, Surathkal


Date: 16th December 2017


The School of Computing & IT conducted a Research Mentoring Session by Invited Expert Dr. Shashidhar Koolagudi from NIT, Surathkal, on 16th Dec., 2017. This session was open to the Faculty Members, Research Scholars and M.Tech Students of the University. The invited expert on this occasion, Dr. Shashidhar Koolagudi , Assistant Professor, Department of CSE, NIT Surathkal, is a Phd from IIT Kharagpur and an expert researcher in the area of Image/Signal processing. The session began at 10.00am with Dr. Mallikarjun Kodabagi, Deputy Director, CIT, addressing the participants which was followed by presentation by the expert. Dr. Koolagudi shared his research work and open issues in same. During post lunch session , Dr. Koolagudi provided individual inputs to researchers working in the domain of image processing and machine learning. 31 participants benefited by this interaction. This initiative will be continued in the School in order to promote quality research and inter university knowledge exchange. This activity is also important to get better NAAC Rankings for the School. A few snapshots of the session are attached herewith.


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