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Industrial Visit Report


Organized By : Department of Journalism & Mass communication


Radio is a mass communication device that can transmit messages all around the world instantly, and the message can be received in any part of the globe. Today, the students of Journalism and Mass communication (Masters) visited All India Radio (AIR) station installed at Hassan. They were escorted by the Head of the Department, Mr. Manjunatha.

The students were enlightened on various aspects like functioning and production of the radio waves, voice modulation, scheduling of radio programmes, acoustics of the recording room, importance of punctuality, etc. They also got an opportunity to witness the functioning of a live programme hosted by a senior anchor, Mr. Puttaswamy.

  • Industrial Visit Report
  • Industrial Visit Report
  • Industrial Visit Report


"Krishi news" and specialised programmes in the evening aim to help people directly or indirectly connected to Agriculture. Anchored by Mr. Vijaya Angadi, people get information regarding daily weather forecast, new farming techniques, hybrid seeds, developments in Sericulture and Horticulture, etc. The programmes could be pre-recorded or live interviews with scientists and experienced farmers, could be in the form of a song or drama to be able to connect with the localities, etc.

We thank REVA University and the Department of Journalism & Mass communication for giving us the opportunity to visit AIR, Hassan for our Development Communication studies.

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