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FDP - Root cause analysis for Industry and Academics


Held On : 27th Jan 2018


Organised By: School of EEE


At School of EEE, REVA University, one day Faculty Development Programme (FDP) on the topic of “Root cause analysis for Industry and Academics” is conducted on 27-01-2018. All faculties of School of EEE have attended during the FDP.


The FDP was inaugurated by Vice Chancellor Dr. S.Y. Kulkarni Sir. During his inaugural address he had stressed upon the importance of root cause analysis for Academics. He had narrated how root cause analysis helps in achieving the goal and also provide the solution for the problems. He advised the faculties to carry out the root cause analysis for delivering the lecture to enhance the skill of students and also to implement root cause analysis for carrying their research work. He also told the faculties to minimize the error after carrying out the root cause analysis to strengthen their academic & research skills. The Chief Guest and Keynote Speaker Shri. Nagaraj Hediyal addressed the gathering. Dr. Rajashekar P. Mandi, Director School of EEE, had welcomed the guests. During his welcome speech, he had narrated about the topics selected for FDP and its importance in Academics as well as in industry. He also stressed upon the root cause analysis how it is helpful for the faculties to enhance their skill to improve their lecture delivery skill, adoption of application oriented teaching and improvement in their research work. Finally these skills have to be utilized to enhance the technical skills of students to fulfil the outcome based education. Dr. Divakar B.P., Dean (R&I) was present during the inaugural function.


During the first technical session by Shri. Nagaraj Hediayal, CEO, eNLieven Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore & Director, Bharath Avionics Ltd., Bangalore, discussed about the importance of root cause analysis and also how it is useful in solving the problems. He discussed the topics with relevant case studies related to industry as well as for academics. He narrated the importance of root cause analysis how it will enhance the skill of faculties in improving the course delivery skill and excel in their research work by minimizing the error obtained by conducting the root cause analysis. All the faculties have interacted with the guest lecturer and utilized the services of external expert. Finally, two problems in the form of assignments were given to faculties to solve them and submit the report before 4:30 PM on 27-01-2018. All faculties have worked out on the problem and submitted the assignment to Dean (R&I) for evaluation.


In the second session, Dr. Divakar B.P., Dean (R&I), REVA University, delivered the expert lecture on “Concepts of Reactive power management and reactive power compensation”. He started the lecture with basics and concepts of reactive power in AC systems and how it is be taught to students with necessary schematics along with waveforms. He discussed how the reactive power compensation will adversely affect in the non-linear load environment. He also stressed upon the points to be considered while compensating the reactive power with respect to displacement factor and also distortion factor in the non-liner load environment. The faculties must have attain the good knowledge of reactive power compensation before teaching the students and also stressed upon the teaching the students with relevant applications.

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