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The School of CIT & CSI Students' Branch : Institutional Social Responsibility Outreach Program


Held on : 28th Feb., 2018


Organised By : School of Computer Science And Technology


Twenty eight students of CIT and CSI members visited the Advantage Elder Care Home( today on 28th Feb., 2018 as a part of our Institutional Social Responsibility outreach program. As a token of our respect and love, the students presented four fold-able wheel chairs along with some refreshments to the inmates of the elder care home.

80 elders from 50 to 104 years of age put up there and are taken care of by the staff. As we interacted with the elders , we found that many elders have compromised with the situation and live in composure however a deep sadness clearly resides in their eyes because of missing their loved ones. The experience was eye opening and heart rending.

We extend heartfelt gratitude to all who contributed towards donations. Many thanks to every one who helped in ways direct and indirect. A few pics are attached.

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