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REVA Grand Staircase featured in BENTLEY 2017 yearbook


Held On: 12th April 2018


Organized By : REVA University


Happy to share with you all the happy news with regard to our Grand Staircase of Swami Vivekananda block featuring in Bentley's 2017 Year Book

REVA University's INR 30 million Grand Staircase was constructed in the center of an existing building block on the Bangalore campus. Mallikarjun Associates served as structural designer and construction contractor. Extending from the first floor to the eighth floor, the staircase was suspended above an auditorium to allow students to view performances and programs from the staircase platforms, thus effectively expanding auditorium capacity.

Mallikarjun Associates used STAAD.Pro for structural analysis and design, shortening design time by at least one month and meeting the completion deadline ahead of exams. Construction was challenging, with work scheduled around ongoing classes. The roof was erected first to place girders for suspending the staircase. Staircase members were erected manually using chain pulleys and a derrick. Optimal use of structural steel reduced the overall project cost.

Event Grand Staircase featured in BENTLEY 2017 yearbook < img src="/images/Events/2018/Grand_Stairs.png" alt="Event Grand Staircase featured in BENTLEY 2017 yearbook" />

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