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Workshop on “Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)”


Held On: 24.03.2018


Participated By : School of Mechanical Engineering


School of Mechanical Engineering organized one day workshop on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) on 24th March 2018 for the faculty members of engineering dicipline. Around 120 participants including the faculty members of other institutions across Karnataka got benefited from the workshop. The resorce persons were experts from Origiin IP Academy, Bengaluru.

About the Workshop:
Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) protection plays a key role in gaining an advantageous position in the competitive technology world for achieving economic growth.Bangalore, the capital of the state of Karnataka is an acclaimed information technology center of the world repute. Thus information on various technological advancements should bedisseminated to the users of technology in order for our country to develop faster. Thus a culture to make aware of development of technology to pertinent users is essential. This has become more pronounced in the globalized economy with international agreements and obligations in the fields of IPR in the WTO regime.Huge information is to be provided while filing a patent application in order to ensure full disclosure of the invention.

Intellectual property is a "Product of Mind". It is similar to the property consisting of movable and immovable property which can be used by the owner along and not lawfully by others without owner’s permission. World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) states that "Intellectual Property" includes rights related to works in literary and artistic fields, performance of artists, broadcasts (in the form of CD, DVD, tape recording etc), innovations in science and technology, industrial designs, trademarks, service marks, etc. It also includes inventions in all fields of human endeavor and protection against unfair competition and all other rights resulting from intellectual activity in the industrial, scientific or artistic fields.

Objectives of the Workshop:
• To create awareness about IPRs, especially patents and copy rights among faculty members of school of Mechanical Engineering.
• To guide researchers/inventors in respect of patenting their inventions.
• To provide insight into practical applications of IP such as patent drafting, patentability search, freedom to operate search, validity/invalidity search, evidence of use analysis.

Outcomes of the Workshop:
• Procedural outline of Process of patenting.
• Drafting of Patents to improve quality of research.
• Technology commercialization with successful case studies from academics.

Morning Session:
In morning session, Ms.Deepa ES gave overview on IPR, different forms of IPR like patent, copyright and trademark. She explained about the conditions for patenting, non -patentable inventions. She then explained in detail about procedure in getting copy rights, trade– marks, geographical indication, trade secrets, and plant variety protection with neat illustrations. She further dealt with process of patenting, documentation required, patent filing, types of patent applications, and anatomy of the patent.

Afternoon Session:
In afternoon session, Ms.Tanu Singh enlightened the participants on technology commercialization and IP Policy. She explained about challenges, solution, impact of technology, transfer of the technology. She further explained about the technology valuation, cost based method, market based method and income based method, IP audit, need for IP audit, IP policies, IP committees, etc.

1) Dr.Sharanappa G
2) Dr.NiranjanHiremath

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