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Report on the “Visit to Malaysia”


Organised By: 18th March 2018 to 22nd March 2018


Participated By : School of Commerce and Management Studies


Schools of Commerce and Management created history by organizing the first ever international visit at the REVA University where about 45 students along with three faculty members, Dr. Santosh, Prof. Kantharaju and Prof. Shylaja visited Malaysia from 18th of March till 22nd of March. The trip was worked out to the finer details by the tour coordinators under the continuous monitoring and guidance by Director, Dr. Shubha.

The group boarded the flight on 18th of March at 11.15 PM IST and reached the Kaulalampur International Airport on 19th of March at around 5.30 AM, the local time. We were received by Ms. Linda, the local tour operator Envisage Global. The group was provided accommodation at The Pearl International Hotel, Kaulalampur, Malaysia.

Day 1:
The day 1 was packed with lots of energy, excitement and enthusiasm by the group which had sightseeing of various prominent locations in and around Kaulalampur. The first place to be visited by the group was Putrajaya, which is a city which houses most of the government offices including the Prime Minister’s Office. Followed by the visit to Putrajaya, the group was taken to the current Kings’ Palace after which we visited the War Memorial. Then the group was taken to the Independence Square which is situated in the heart of Kaulalampur. Post lunch, the group was accommodated at The Pearl, and after which in the evening the group visited the world famous Petronas Twin Tower which is a modern world marvel of recent times. Standing 425 meters long the Petronas stands for Petrochemical National Limited.

Day 2:
Day 2 was a day which was earmarked for academic and industrial exposure for the students and the staff. The day started with a visit to the world famous Yakult Industrial Area. Yakult is the worlds’ leading probiotic drink with manufacturing plants situated across the world. The students were taken around the factory and explained in detail about the complete process which starts from breeding the good bacterias to mixing with the milk and bottling the same. Post lunch, the group was taken to Putra Business School situated in the huge campus surrounded with green serenity and a peaceful environment. Dr. Ahmad Shahrudin Abdul Latiff, Senior Lecturer, PBS, handled a three hours long session on International Business Opportunities in Asian Market. Sir, by taking relevant examples, compared the Asian Market with other developed markets and gave a complete account of how one could explore the business opportunities in Malaysia specifically. The day ended with the Dean, Marketing and Communications, Putra Business School giving students information about the future prospects for students at Putra. The session was well received by students who got clarifications to their questions.

Day 3:
Day 3 was a day which was fully filled with fun, frolic and excitement. The students were taken to Sunway Lagoon, Amusement park situated in the heart of Kaulalampur. Being similar to our very own Wonder La, Sunway being about four to five times bigger than the Wonder La. Students had a fun filled day as they enjoyed the entire day by going through the various rides that were available.

Day 4:
Day 4 was earmarked for shopping and were led to Times Square shopping mall where all did their bit of shopping. After shopping and lunch the group was transferred back to the airport and the take off was at 8.40PM local time and landed back at Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru at 10.15 PM IST.

In total, the Trip to Malaysia, which had about 45 students from Schools of Commerce and Management and three faculty was memorable. The students totally enjoyed the total trip from 18th of March till the 22nd of March and there is no doubt that they are already ready for the next trip.

We thank our Honorable Chancellor, Dr. P Shyamaraju, Vice Chancellor, Dr. S Y Kulkarni and Registrar, Dr. Dhanamjay for providing us with this memorable opportunity. We also place on records a very special thanks to our beloved Director Dr. Shubha for her initiative and the constant support and the meticulous planning without which the trip would not have been possible. We also thank the tour coordinators Dr. Santosh and Prof. Shalini for coordinating and planning to the finest details which had started months before.

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