Visit To Bhoganadesshwara Temple Class Away From Classroom Session - REVA University
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Visit to Bhoganadesshwara Temple - “CLASS AWAY FROM CLASSROOM” SESSION


Held On: 20th April 2018


Organized By: School of Performing Arts


REVA University, School of Performing Arts with the initiative from its Hon’ble Chancellor Dr. P. Shyama Raju has taken the session of “Class away from Classroom” at the Ancient Bhoganandeeshwara Temple, Nandi Hills, Bengaluru.

The Field trip to Boga Nandeeshwara Temple not only mirrored the concepts of the course taught, but also established a sense of bonding with the Country and its literary wealth. Boga Nandeeshwara is one of the oldest temples of Karnataka at the foot of Nandi Hills. Preserved and Conserved by the Archeological Survey of India, the temple is a 9th Century Architectural Marvel of the Nolamba Dynasty. The sessions inside the temple included:
• Application of the Practicalities of the Art form (i.e.) Shlokas and Viniyoga recitals from different Treatises,
• Performing the items,
• Comparative analysis of Indian Architecture with the rest of the world.
• These learning experiences are formative and meet a variety of needs, thereby enhancing deep, active and passive learning.

It was undoubtedly an excellent session with live examples of Dance History present in the walls of the Bhoganandeshwara Temple at Nandi Hills.


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