World Environment Day Plantation Event
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World Environment Day Plantation Event


Organised By: NCC


Held on : 08 June 2018


This year's World Environment Day was celebrated at the NCC Academy at Hosahalli, Vidyanagar, Bangalore by the Karnataka and Goa Directorate, 39 KAR BN NCC Bengaluru, of 'B' Group by planting 1000 saplings. The chief guests for the event were Group Commander Col. S Nanda Kumar, Vice Chancellor of REVA University Dr. S.Y. Kulkarni , other officials, Col. Natraj (Retd), Director – Administration, REVA University and Major Ponnappa, ANO's and PI staff of NCC. The Group Commander during his speech said that, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the good news is that the next best time is today”. He told that by completing the plantations of 1000 saplings, the generation to come will thank us for what we have done today. He added that I am happy to know that The 1000 saplings planted at NCC Academy will be taken care by the REVA University for future nurturing, The NCC is doing a great job to unite and stand together, Dr. S.Y Kulkarni appreciated the great initiative taken by N.C.C cadets.

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