Industrial Visit to MCF Hassan
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Industrial Visit to MCF Hassan


Organised By: School of Electronics & Communication Engineering


Held on : 08-06-2018


Faculty members visited Master Control Facility (MCF), Hassan on 08.06.2018. Master Control Facility (MCF) at Hassan in Karnataka monitors and controls all the Geostationary / Geosynchronous satellites of ISRO, namely, INSAT, GSAT, Kalpana and IRNSS series of satellites. MCF is responsible for Orbit Raising of satellites, In-orbit payload testing, and On-orbit operations all through the life of these satellites. MCF activities include round-the-clock Tracking, Telemetry & Commanding (TT&C) operations, and special operations like Eclipse management, Station-keeping manoeuvres and recovery actions in case of contingencies. MCF interacts with User Agencies for effective utilization of the satellite payloads and to minimize the service disturbances during special operations.


Faculty members visited:

  • Dr. MrinalSarvagya
  • Dr. Geetha D
  • Dr. Seshikala
  • Prof. Savitha P R
  • Dr. Veena K N


Faculty members reached MCF Hassan on 08.06.2018 at 12.10 PM. Faculty members were directed to Master control facility auditorium to view one hour video on overall activity of MCF. The information in the video is from the inception of MCF till the present day activity . Various application in weather forecasting, controlling of satellites, Telemedicine, entertainment. etc were described in the video.

Then the faculty were taken to highly secured satellite monitoring and control center. Director, (Computing facility), Sri Bachhu Yeshobu explained the operations and process involved in satellite control and monitoring. Faculty members were given tour on MCF activity rooms.

Faculty members also visitedreal time weather monitoring center, and viewed the real time scanning image of the earth from the camera attached to satellite. Positioning of Camera can be controlled sending command from MCF. The application software used by MCF are designed and developed by ISRO.

Faculty members discussed with the director (Computing facility), Sri. Bachhu Yeshobuthe possible collaborations in student projects in interdisciplinary areas.Faculty members also discussed the possibility in research and project proposals. Faculty members invited the director and he agreed to visit REVA University for Technical Talk and further collaborations.

Faculty members whole heartedly thank Honorable Chancellor Dr. P. Shyama Raju, Vice Chancellor Dr. S. Y. Kulkarni, and Registrar Dr. M. Dhanamjaya for their continuous support for knowledge enhancement programs for faculty member. They also take this opportunity to thank our Director School of ECE Dr. R C Biradar for initiating Industrial visit program. Faculty members whole heartedly thank Director (Computing facility),Sri. Bachhu Yeshobu, MCF Hassan for granting permission to visit and sharing information about MCF.

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