Between the Lines for International Conference on Architecture and Urban Planning
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Between the Lines for International Conference on Architecture and Urban Planning

Organised By: REVA University

Held on : 17 August 2018


With an assembly of architects, researcher scholars, academicians and students from all across the globe, 17 August, 2018, started with a fervor for design complemented by the need for conservation at REVA University as they inaugurated their first International Conference of the academic year, “Between the Lines”, a stimulating dialogue on changes on the architectural mindscape that can organically transform our natural and manmade landscape. The Conference also aimed at decimating the gap between practice and academic pedagogy in architecture.

International dignitaries congregated forming the elite group of speakers and panelists that would be exchanging energies and ideas and presiding over papers submitted across 6 tracks each with a driven theme contributing to a discourse imbedded in infrastructural and environmental changes, outlining practicalities and possible outcomes for hindrances in practice.

Dr. P. Shyama Raju, Honorable Chancellor, REVA University inaugurated the 2 day event in the presence of an illustrious gathering of educationists and experts from the architectural field. “The very axis of the world we live in is moved by the culminated innovations, involvements and creations by architects”, said Dr. P. Shyama Raju. The Honorable Chancellor also pointed out how the architecture is an innate part of life at REVA as every physical aspect of the University is steeped in uniqueness sculpted by the flowing and green structural designs. He called the School of Architecture, the “Pillars of REVA” and assured that the growing landscape of the University will facilitate learning and live projects for architecture students.

The Chief Guest for the day was Ar. Leena Kumar, Chairperson, Indian Institute of Architects, Karnataka Chapter, a veteran in the field. She observed the need for a strong base in research and specialization in design as the need in modern architecture. Indicating that Research consultants can act as lighthouses pf knowledge for Architects, which can direct the outcomes on designs we live and work in. She expressed a dire need for an existing record and documented studies that are lost in budding years of architectural courses that can be made available for research and references and patenting ideas, for “a better country, a better state and better people as we build for people and so it is essential what we preserve for them”

The two keynote speakers of the day were personalities with International repute. Dr. Kuang Hui Peng, Professor, Graduate Institute of Architecture and Urban Design, National Taipei Institute of Technology, Taiwan and Architect Palinda Kannangara from Sri Lanka. Both the keynote speakers shared their revolutionary studies and ideas with the audience. “Vertical Greening is a solution to serious Urban eco challenges” shared Dr. Peng, who has done an in depth study in the field and exhibited the same as a possible solution to inhabit a better world. On the other hand, Ar. Palinda Kannangara, took the gathering through his architectural designs and marvels with an insignia of his special branding that combines minimalism, personalization, connection to the site and culture and an answering to environmental calling.

REVA continues to host ground breaking Conferences that will have rippling changes in the world of academics and Industry.

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