Book release Wild Wings Written by Srashta Vani Kolli
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Book release “Wild Wings”
Book release Wild Wings Written by Srashta Vani Kolli

Organised By : REVA University

• Wild Wings – a teen Poetry, written by Srashta Vani Kolli.
Srashta wrote her first poem when she was 11 years old and this book is a compilation of 69 poems written between the ages 13 to 18. Now, 18 years of age, Srashta is a Law Student, studying at School of Legal Studies, REVA University, Bangalore.

• Wild Wings is the Journey of attaining Wings and exploring without inhibitions. It is a transition representing teen thoughts, with a touch of innocence and a wisp of eagerness.

• It is a blend of poems from different schematic segments including Nature, Childhood, Emotions and Feelings to simple things like Dust .etc. Using Butterfly as her symbol, she represents struggles, challenges, freedom and many other things.

• Over the years, Poetry became her own channel and genre of expression that helped her develop a responsive attitude through emotive language.

• This is rightfully called, “Teen Poetry” for its essence and representation.

From the Left:
Dr. N. Ramesh, Director – Training Placement and Planning; Dr. S. Y. Kulkarni, Vice Chancellor – REVA University; Dr. P. Shyama Raju, Chancellor – REVA University; Srashta Vani Kolli, Student 3rd Sem - School of Legal Studies, REVA University, Arvind Kumar Kolli, Father; Asha Kolli, Mother; Dr. M. Dhanamjaya, Registrar REVA University.


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