Site visit to study TRUSS details
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Title: Site visit to study TRUSS details

Date : 1st February 2019

Venue : Bagalur Tuesday market & Turfy’s Resto café - Bagalur

Organised By : School of Architecture

Subject : Building Construction and Materials - IV, School of Architecture, REVA University

Teachers : Prof. Paul George Puthoor, Asst. Prof. Raghuteja Vemana & Asst. Prof. Anup Kumar Prasad

No. of Students : 36 numbers of students from 4 A

To overcome the limitation in explaining and learning the complicated details related to “construction” in the classroom, relevant field visit has been organized for the subject “Building constructions and materials”. Students from 4th semester B.Arch. were accompanied by the subject teachers to nearby market place, cafeteria and few warehouses. The purpose of the trip was to explain the typical details of various trusses and their uses in different places. Students enthusiastically observed the specifics which they were finding difficult to understand in the schoolroom. Students carried out sketching and documentation of critical areas. Teachers also found it easier to explain the subject with live example.

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