Report on Placement - Grooming Session
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Title: Report on “Placement - Grooming Session”

Organized by : School of Commerce

Date : 23rd July 2019

Venue : 7th Floor Room No.701, 702 &703

No. of Participants : 38

Time : 9.00 am – 3.00 pm

Placement Coordinators : Prof. Malashree S & Prof. Arifa Banu

On the 23rd July 2019 as part of placement activity of School of Commerce a grooming session was organized for 5th semester B.Com (Industry Integrated & Honors) placement interested students. This report outlines the activities carried and summarizes the major outcomes of the sessions.

Session - 1 (Pick and Speak): (Panel 1 Members: Dr. Anuj Verma & Dr. Shakthi Chatturvedi.) (Panel 2 Members: Dr. Mohan, Dr. Urmila & Prof. Maria)
The session started at 9.00 am by welcoming the panel members of both the panels and students were given a brief introduction about the session, which concentrates on building their confidence level, communication and the way they analyze the topic picked by them which enhances their analytical ability. The activity was carried by four panel members in two panels and students were made to pick the topics and speak for 3 minutes and were also questioned by the panel members. The session was carried for two hours which was completed at 11.00 am by vote of thanks by faculty coordinators Prof. Girisha T and Prof. Arifa Banu, feedback was collected from the panel members about the session.

Session - 2 (Group Discussion): (Panel 1 Members: Dr. Navneeth, Dr Madhan, Dr.Thamodharan and Prof. Shivasaran) (Panel 2 Members: Dr. Subramaniyam, Dr. Poornima & Prof. Varaprasad)
The second session started at 11.30 am by welcoming the panel members of both the panels for carrying further the group discussion session where students were divided into 8 groups and topic was assigned 5 minutes before for each group and students prepared themselves for the topic and presented their views, the panel members posed various questions for each of the group member and the students handled the questions well and the members also gave suggestions for each student where improvement was needed.
The session was completed at 12.45 pm by conveying formal vote of thanks by faculty coordinators Prof. Malashree S and Prof Priyadarshini and the feedback was also been collected from the panel members about the session.

Session 3: (Personal Interview) :(Panel 1 Members: Dr. Poornima, Dr. Subramaniyam & Prof. Harish) (Panel 2 Members: Dr. Varaprasad & Dr. Shakthi Chatturvedi) (Panel 3 Members: Prof. Hemalatha & Prof. Arjith Roy).
The third session started at 1.30 by welcoming the panel members for the personal interview session and the students were divided into 3 panels and each student were made to attend the interview with the resume to test the ability of students and to discover their responses to gather more and deeper information about the students. Students had prepared well and attended the session with confidence.
The session was concluded by thanking the panel members by faculty coordinators Prof. Malashree S and Prof Jalaja and feedback was collected.

The overall sessions were informative which provided a practical exposure for our students to understand the industry expectations from the candidates, how to face the interview confidently, how to deal with various other group members in the group discussions and how to develop their analytical skills, which motivated the students and helped in building their confidence levels.
The feedback given by panel member’s state that the students were good enough in terms of language proficiency but to improve in analytical skills, general knowledge and participation skill.
The feedback by students were positive, they shared their experiences on their overall participation and -were very thankful for organizing such an event which motivated them to attend further interviews.

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