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28 Jun 2019

A Report on Symposium held on 28th June,2019

Since 2017, Micro-, small and Medium-sized businesses celebrate their day in recognition of their work in local and global economies. These enterprises are the backbone of most economies worldwide and play a key role in developing countries. The UN General Assembly, recognizing the importance of these enterprises, decided to declare 27 June the Micro-, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Day to raise public awareness of their contribution to sustainable development. In this Light of School of Management studies of REVA University had organized a Symposium on 28th June,2019. The theme of the symposium was Internationalization of Indian MSMEs and their Opportunities and Challenges. Highlights of the Programme

a) Inaugural Session 9:00 am to 10:00 am
The day started with an Inaugural Session through a pleasant Invocation prayer by T.Monika, Student of MBA, followed by a welcome address by Dr Shubha A, Director of School of Commerce & School of Management Studies. The dignitaries graced the programme through lighting of Lamp. Dr S.K Prasad, Professor, School of Management Studies & Symposium Convener spoke about the Symposium. The Chief Guest Dr David Smallbone, Professor, Kingston University and Guest of Honor SR Sateesha, Manageing Director, VTPC were and Felicitated by Dr. P Shyama Raju, Chancellor, REVA University.

b) Session I: Internationalization of MSMEs- Indian Perspective
First Speaker Shri.D. Muralidhar, Former President, FKCCI and MD SNAM Abrasives Pvt Ltd. Spoke about his personal experience of being an entrepreneur with an experience of 30 to 40 years in the field of MSMEs He shared his views about Challenges and Position of Manufacturing MSMEs in India through a comparison of Indian GDP with other Global Economies. He discussed the issues and barriers related to Indian manufactures on going global. He quoted a successful approach that must be every entrepreneur’s approach, ‘TMP’ approach, ‘Time’, ‘Money’& ‘ Passion’ of an entrepreneur, There was also mention of importance of Clusters for MSMEs. He also added that Indian Embassies abroad should have a very influential role in the promotion of MSMEs. On the whole he focused on Entrepreneur Experiences and Expectations Second Speaker, Dr Mathew Manimala, Former Professor, IIM-B spoke on ICT clusters, Entrepreneurial Renaissance. He said that Indian economy should move from Factor Base to Innovation Based Entrepreneurship. The main focus of his speech was on Entrepreneur & Ecosystem, He also throw light on different Models of MSMEs that needs further Research.

c) Session-II Internationalization of MSMEs: Global Perspective-Govt and Policy
The Session was both interesting and interactive, the first Speaker Dr. David Small Bone, Professor, Kingston University, spoke about the Support needed for the development of SMEs that are seeking to Internationalize their operations. He explained about the Company Pool Programmes and the sources of finances for Business Support under European Union. Relevance with respect to the Gaps in current Provisions in EU was highlighted. On the whole he derived that the most constant barrier for the growth od SMEs is Finance. Dr. David’s issue addressing was followed by Dr. Hang Do, Post-Doctoral Researcher, SBRC, Kingstone University, her concern was about the Born Globals and their Value Chain. She presented a recent pattern of GVC Participants, Trends & Potential opportunities in GVC Participants. Some of the Challenges faced by the Born Global’s were Lack of Resources, Skills, Capacity and Insufficiencies, Overall, insight about her session was the need for Institutional support, understanding their diversification and what practices can be adopted from Indian perspective.

d) Panel Discussion on Internationalization of MSMEs: Stakeholders Perspectives.
The panel Discussion was very interactive and had various expertise such as Industrialist, Researchers, Scholars and Professors from the field of MSME’s. Prof. RS Deshpande, Former Director, ISEC, Bangalore spoke on Economist’s Perspective. Dr YVS Lakshmi, Centre for Development of Telematics, Govt of India; Spoke about the Role of Patents & IPR’s in Internationalization. Dr Enti Ranga Reddy, Managing Director, Legend Technologies spoke about Internationalization- Industry 4.0 & MSMEs and also welcomed REVA University students to take up Projects in his organization. Dr Purushotham Bung, Director, RVIM- throw light on the role of Higher Education, Research and Training. Mr.Rahuram, IISc Bangalore was a very casual and speaker he discussed about the actual road blocks every entrepreneur goes through, this main points were on Manufacturing and service Industry. Last but not the Least panellist was Dr. Srinivas Sriramdas, XLRI, was a very enthusiastic speaker, he enumerated about some of the basic components such as Collaboration, Utility Ethics, Being Tech Friendly and a Strategist are all need of an hour for today’s Entrepreneur later the panel was open for questions from the participants and led to constructive Discussions & conclusions. To sum it up the symposium was a great success filled with loads of information that was fruitfully take home by each one of us.

A Report on Symposium held on 28th June,2019