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05 Apr 2019

A Visit to an Orphanage A Call to You to Do Something Anything

On Friday, 5th April 2019, we from School of ECE and REVA Rotaract Club along with 25 students visited an orphanage “Sumangali Seva Ashram” situated near Hebbal and “Adarane Charitable Trust” situated near Hegde Nagar, Yelahanka.

Sumangali Seva Ashram and Adarane Charitable Trust are Non-Voluntary organization dedicated to the facilitate services for Down trodden deserted women, Orphan children and economically weaker people in the society.

The rice grains which were collected during the “AIKAKARMYA” event was distributed to both the above organizations.

As the gate of the home opened, we were greeted with smiling faces of children, they all eagerly looked to see who had come into our abode. As we proceeded to the reception to drop the items we went with and to get any information or rules we need to know and adhere to while we are there. After the permission to play and interact with the kids were granted, we gathered around the kids, asked for their names and introduced ourselves. We spent around 1-2 hrs with these kids.

The Joy that radiated from the kids touched us deep down, we saw how much of a home they had, filled with lots of sisters. They were eager to play games, to answer questions, they all wanted to be carried and played with -given special attention. They all were kids full of smiles, without a care in the world. Eager to play and even to pray. They indeed sang a devotional song which was heart touching. As we left the Ashram, a thousand thoughts played and fought for preeminence in our head, a thousand words wanted to burst out of our mouth in expression of our feelings, but yet, nothing came out. Yes! We were overwhelmed.

This was our first visit ever to an orphanage home and it has left a lasting imprint in our heart.

Here are some of the glimpses into our visit,

Thanks to Management, all the faculties and students of REVA for lending their support to us.

A Visit to an Orphanage A Call to You to Do Something Anything