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29 Mar 2019

All India Level DrishTI Online Contest conducted by STEPS in association with Texas Instruments India

Coordinated by : Prof. Nataraj Urs H D and Dr. Bharathi S H with the support of class teachers and lab instructors.

In Industry nobody expects an engineer to memorize everything and implement, instead they expect the engineers to refer to the required documents online during their design process. Texas has provided a wonderful opportunity for students to explore the art of searching through an online contest. STEPS in association with Texas Instruments India University Programme conducted an all India Level Technical online Contest for the students. The online contest DrishTI was OPEN BOOK type where the student would not require to prepare for attending the contest, instead for each question they were allowed to refer a document provided and understated the document to answer the question. The objective was not to test what student knew, instead to test the capability of referring the document and understanding it and also checking the amount of time taken for referring the document to answer each question without skipping the question was also the criteria for judging the winners.

More than 350 Institutional and University students along with IIT students actively took part in the online contest conducted by Texas Instruments. The Contest was conducted for 18 different technical subjects as listed below.

-Basic Electrical & Electronics Engineering
- Digital Signal Processing
- Linear Integrated Circuits
- Microcontroller and Applications
- Electronic Devices & Circuits
- Signals and System
- IoT_Application_using CC3200
- Data Structures
- Robotics System
- Applications of Python Programmeming
- Computer Networks
- Basics of Digital Electronics
- Sensors and Instrumentation
- Real Time Controller
- Wireless Mobile Communication
- Power Electronics

The students were allowed to take minimum any one of the above subjects of their interest and expertise. From REVA University School of ECE 632 (Six hundred and thirty two) students have taken up the online Contest during 18th March to 29th March 2019.

We are happy to share the following results of our students.

1. Mr. Gopisetti Sreenivas of 4th Semester was positioned at 5th place among top 6 scorers from Karnataka.

2. Mr. Surya Prakash S of 4th Semester was placed in 3rd position among top 6 scorers of Basics of Digital Electronics Subject.

3. The top 6 scorers among REVA University students are :

1. Mr. Ranjith Unnikrishnan 
2. Shahid Khan A
3. Brunda B
4. Bhavan J L
5. Ullas Kumar S V
6. Pavan N S

We would like to thank our Honorable Chancellor Dr. P. Shyama Raju for providing all facility and support to organise such Events. We also thank Vice Chancellor Dr. S.Y. Kulkarni, Registrar Dr. M. Dhanamjaya, Dean, Placement, Training, and Planning Dr. N. Ramesh, our beloved Director, School of Electronics and Communication Engineering Dr. R C Biradar for their constant support in organizing such events.

We also thank all the faculty members and lab instructors of school of ECE for their support in smooth conduction of this event.

All India Level DrishTI Online Contest conducted by STEPS in association with Texas Instruments India