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30 Mar 2019

BizEE BEE Project Exhibition and Poster Presentation REPORT

BizEE BEE Project demonstration and poster exhibition under ELITE Forum was conducted on March 30 2019 at 10:30AM in Amphitheatre, CV Raman Block. Honorable chancellor sir inaugurated the programme and also addressed students on the importance of conducting such events. He said that project concepts have to be worked further to develop into products. He motivated students to work towards it. The programme was also graced by our Vice-chancellor sir Dr. S. Y. Kulkarni, who inspired students to take up such events seriously. In continuation, our school Director sir Dr.Rajashekhar P Mandi also addressed students highlighting the importance of the project exhibition.

BizEE BEE Project demo and poster presentation is the effort aimed at active learning or project-based learning among students of EEE. School of EEE aims in providing hands-on experience to various technical aspects of engineering problems which will enable students to develop creative thinking and innovation in bringing up better engineering solutions and improves the depth of understanding of engineering concepts.

There were about 161 projects and 20 posters that were exhibited from students of all the semesters of EEE.

Projects exhibited were mainly explored in the broad areas of Robotics, Application of renewable energy, Wireless power transfer, Sensors and Micro-controllers and embedded systems and IOT. The project exhibition showcased many interesting concepts and ideas which can be further developed to give better solution for engineering problems.

Some of the photographs taken during the event is attached for reference

BizEE BEE Project Exhibition and Poster Presentation REPORT