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14 Sep 2019

Case Study – M Chinnaswamy Stadium

Subject: Architectural Design VII
Faculty: Asso. Prof. Raghuteja Vemana and Asst. Prof. Anup Kumar Prasad,
Students: 24 students, 7th Semester
Dates: 14th September 2019

For Architectural Design VII, students are given assignment to design a cricket stadium in Gazhiabad as live project. After going through several literature case studies of national and international cricket stadium and discussing the design guidelines for the same, it became essential to do physical case study to comprehend various functions and interrelationship of different activities happening in a stadium. Hence, School of Architecture, REVA University has organized a case study trip for students of VII semester along with faculty to M Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru.

24 numbers of student under the supervision of 2 faculty members visited M Chinnaswamy Stadium on 14th September 2019. Stadium staff Mr. Rohith helped in getting permission and arranged technical engineer who facilitated guided tour of the stadium. During the guided tour, students get to recognize the significance of segregation of various entries leading to their respective places such as players, staff, VIP, audience etc. Students also get to know the necessity of different amenities and facilities such as cafeteria, medical room, library, record room, children play area, security, services etc and their placement in stadium.

The case study trip was quite successful. Now students have better understanding on the design requirement and this will eventually lead to better design outcome at the end of the semester.

We would like to thank Chancellor, Dr. P. Shyama Raju sir, Vice Chancellor Dr. S. Y. Kulkarni sir, Advisor, Dr. V. G. Talawar sir, Registrar Dr. M. Dhanamjaya sir, and Dean-Training, Placement and Planning, Dr. N. Ramesh sir, for their encouragement and support for add-on activities. We also thank our Director, School of Architecture, Dr. Vimala Swamy, for constant support and encouragement

Case Study – M Chinnaswamy Stadium