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23 Jan 2020

Centre for Science and Environment MOU

In line with REVA‘s Jagruti mission on Global warming, the School of Architecture, REVA University (R.U.S.O.A) has signed an M.O.U with Centre for Science and Environment (C.S.E), a non-governmental, independent policy research institution based in New Delhi, on 23.01.20. For more than three decades now, C.S.E has helped shape policies and build public awareness to bring change in areas of pollution mitigation and public health security, low carbon development, natural resource management and livelihood security to make growth sustainable and inclusive. The two institutions have agreed to jointly promote the cause of sustainable habitat in the built sector, by means of knowledge partnership, Capacity Building and Training Activities, Development of Course Modules, and Need-based Research and Capacity Building.

Centre for Science and Environment MOU