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13 Nov 2019

Expert Lecture on Geodesic Dome by Ar. Anup Kumar Prasad

Expert lecture: Ar. Anup Kumar Prasad
Faculty coordinators: Ar.Paul George Puthoor, Raghu Teja Vemana, Er. Nagaraja S, Ar.Ujjal Halder.
Place: School of Architecture
Course: Building Construction &Materials –V
Semester: V
No. of Students- 71

OBJECTIVE- The Geodesic Dome was developed by the American engineer and architect Richard Buckminster Fuller. Geodesic domes are sphere-like structures consisting of a network of triangles which provide a self-balancing structural framework whilst using minimal materials. The objective is to understand the construction and complex detail of different types of geodesic dome and its application in construction industry. The students were taught the concept of the geodesic dome, calculation procedure and its construction mechanism.


The School of Architecture have organized a guest lecture on “Geodesic Dome” on 13th November 2019 for V semester B.Arch. students. This guest lecture mainly focused on construction of a geodesic dome and its use in construction industry. The expert lecture started with a short lecture on history & evolution of geodesic domes, different types of geodesic domes and its construction mechanism by Ar. Anup Kumar Prasad.


We would like to thank our beloved Chancellor, Dr. P. Shyama Raju sir for providing all facilities and support to organize this study tour. We also thank Vice Chancellor Dr.S.Y.Kulkarni sir, Advisor, Dr. V.G. Talawar sir, Registrar Dr. M. Dhanamjaya sir, and Dean-Training, Placement and Planning, Dr. N. Ramesh sir, for their motivation, help and support in making this study tour a grand success. We also thank our Director, School of Architecture, Dr. Vimala Swamy, for her constant support and guidance.

Expert Lecture on Geodesic Dome by Ar. Anup Kumar Prasad