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20 Nov 2019

Expert Lecture on Landscape Design Application

An expert lecture on Application of Landscape Design has been arranged for the 7th semester students from the school of Civil Engineering, for the subject Fundamentals of Landscape Design.

To elaborate the application and constructional details of landscape design component, an expert Ar. Ujjal Halder has been invited to deliver a guest lecture. He has worked on several urban level landscape projects in the eastern region and acquired quite mastery in the field. The talk focuses on the various application of Landscape design in public and private domain. Suitable live examples have been illustrated bringing practical understanding. Since, the speaker was using his own project as examples; he explained the landscape project in practical point of view from designing to execution with several intermediate stages. The lecture was beneficial for students. Students not only learned the theoretical aspect of landscape designing but also the practical facet, while dealing with project.

Expert Lecture on Landscape Design Application