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13 Nov 2019

Expert Lecture on Landscape Design Process

Report on
Expert Lecture on Landscape Design Process
School of Architecture

Subject:    Fundamentals of Landscape Design
Agenda:    Landscape Design and Planning Process
Speakers:    Asso. Prof. Raghuteja Vema, School of Architecture
Coordinator:    Asst. Prof. Anup Kumar Prasad
Venue:    Studio 125, Architecture Block
Dates:        13th November 2019
Participants:    54 Students, 7th Semester, School of Civil Engineering

An expert lecture on Landscape Design and Planning Process has been arranged for the 7th semester students from Civil Engineering, for the subject Fundamentals of Landscape Design.

Landscape Architecture comprises of vast area in it. From history and evolution of concept of landscape architecture to terminology, name of flora, various landscape elements. After gathering sufficient knowledge on various natural and man-made landscape elements, understanding the process of site analysis, Landscape Design and Planning process becomes crucial.

To elaborate the landscape design and its requirement expert Asso. Prof. Raghuteja Vemana has been invited to deliver an expert lecture. He has delivered talk on the various stages involved and requirement from beginning to end of Design process for any type of Landscape requirement.

The season was interactive and beneficial for students. Students not only learned the theoretical aspect of landscape designing but also the practical facet, while dealing with project.

Expert Lecture on Landscape Design Process