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21 Nov 2019

Expert Lecture on Solid Waste Management

Expert lecture delivered by: Ar. Yashaswini N
Organised by School of Architecture, REVA University, Bangalore.
Faculty coordinators: Ar.Anupadma.R.
Course: Building Services -I
Venue: School of Architecture, REVA University, Bangalore
Attended by:

As part of Building Services – I, Solid Waste Management is exposed to the students to understand the significance and technicality as a professional course student and a responsible citizen. This topic tutoring involves explaining various environmental issues and processes involved in Solid waste management, emphasizing its significance to be executed in reality.

The Solid waste management is all about converting the solid wastes to a valuable resource. Rapid growth in urban population coupled with economic growth and rise in community living standards have resulted in generation of huge quantities of municipal solid waste posing serious problem to municipalities, and corporations in terms of collection and disposal of solid waste. Currently, Bhruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike, BBMP is strictly implementing waste segregation at residential level and creating awareness on the same. 

 Ar. Yashaswini is an Architect, has worked with other activists concerned about waste, and partnered with non-profit organizations to deliver lectures and to create public awareness addressing waste management issues. She continues her independent research exploring various options on Solid waste management and remains well informed on the issues. She explained the current issues involved in Solid waste dumbing, the problems arise out of excess plastic usage, etc., She also explained the processes involved in solid waste management and the approach and policy followed abroad as a supported example. She motivated the students through her lecture to follow the solid waste management processes like composting, the method of converting wet waste to manure at individual residence level. 

Outcomes of the Guest Lecture:
The III Sem B.Arch. students were able to recognize the importance of Solid waste management with a thorough understanding on concepts and process involved in it. This lecture will certainly boost their knowledge and stance appropriate to the subject. We would like to thank the management and team at REVA University for their support and constant encouragement towards our endeavours.

Expert Lecture on Solid Waste Management