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04 Nov 2019

Field trip to TERI, Southern Region center Bengaluru

Subject:         Energy Efficiency in Buildings
Faculty:          Prof. Paul Puthoor, Asst. Prof. Sneha Murthy and Asst. prof. Anup Kumar Prasad
Guide:            Ms Vini Halve, Research Associate, TERI Bengaluru
Students:        65 Students, 5th Semester, School of Architecture
Dates:             4th November 2019

Climate responsibility and Energy efficiency became mandatory for construction industry. It’s primarily an architect responsibility to design any building considering the immediate environment and energy efficiency. The subject Energy Efficiency in Buildings, introduce architecture students about Environment, Climate, and Human impact on climate and vice versa through construction. Although various climate responsive techniques, solar passive design, energy efficiency criteria has been discussed in the class, it is necessary to do live case of such building for demonstration of all features. For that, students of 5th Semester were taken to field trip to TERI, Southern Region center Bengaluru for a live case study of energy efficient building.

At TERI Ms Vini Halve guided our students and explained all the major solar passive features in the building. Such as sensibly designed north light opening, which provide abundant daylight inside the building, and reduces the use of artificial light. Intelligent installation of solar chimney and trombe wall to keep the interior comfortable which minimizes the need of AC and fans. Central atrium and courtyard for Natural lights and appropriate ventilation. Solar panels on roof for harvesting energy and terrace garden on different level for thermal insulation and creating microclimate. Students where excited to see how a building can work as a climate responsive machine and save up-to 65% of energy requirement as of conventional buildings. The case study will defiantly make an impact on students thinking while designing any building.

Field trip to TERI, Southern Region center Bengaluru