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15 Mar 2019

First Year Skill Development and Certification programme Feb 2019

School of Electronics and Communication Engineering, REVA University aims for creating and nurturing emerging industry oriented new technology skills among student fraternity. In association to this, School had organized four day Industry oriented skill development and certification programmes from 15 Feb 2019 to 18 Feb 2019. These programmes were scheduled for 1st year students of school of Electronics and Communication Engineering.To inculcate the skill set which is required for the electronic industry the school of ECE conducted skill development and certification course for 1st semester students. Students were given a choice to choose courses of their interest. The students were allowed choose one out of five courses namely Fundamental of Linux OS, Fundamentals of Web Programmeming, Design and Development of Quad-copter, Basics of Lab VIEW Simulation, Fundamentals of MATLAB Simulation.

Around366 students took active participation in the event. These courses are trained by industry experts as per the current need of the industry.

First Year Skill Development and Certification programme Feb 2019