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23 Mar 2019

Industrial Visit Semiconductor Technology and Applied Research Centre

The School of ECE had organized an Industrial visit to “Semiconductor Technology and Applied Research Centre – A unit of SITAR, Government of India”,on 23rd March 2019 as a part of giving real – time industrial exposure in recent technologies of ASIC/MEMS fabrications for our M.Tech - VLSI and Embedded System (Full time and Part time) students, led by faculty members Dr. M. Devanathan, Prof. Alla Srija, and Prof. Sugandha.

As per schedule, the team reported to the venue by 10.00 a.m. General Manager Mr. Somayajulu and Marketing Manager Mr. Sunil Kumar have welcomed our students and given the brief introduction about the vision and mission of the STARC. Later students were segregated into two batches and exposed to the areas of MEMS fabrication unit, Testing Unit & as well as Assembly Processing Units.

The STARC - MEMS Fabrication Facility is equipped with Twenty-eight fabrication equipment and eight characterization equipment of MI Lqualified, capable of handling 6” wafers for one-micron process technology.

Our students were taken into all fabrication processing units by the respective Engineers and given clear explanations about the complete flow of MEMS devices for one - microntechnology. The unit has a thick film line and IC assembly, which supports the FAB to a limited extent. Digital ASIC’s, Discrete devices for niche applications, Read Out ICs (ROICs) for MEMS sensors and Drive electronics for Micro-actuators are fabricated in CMOSFAB.

This unit is geared up for producing MEMS devices as per the requirement of the customers for various applications such as Bolometer, Optical waveguide, RF MEMS, Pressure sensors, Dual-axis Pressure transducers, and many more.

The students highly gained the knowledge about MEMS fabrication from Wafer to Assembly processing and packaging, which includes various flow of fabrication process such as Oxide growth, Thermal diffusion, Ionim plantation, Deposition, Etching, Epitaxial etc.

We would like to thank our beloved Chancellor Dr. P. Shyama raju sir for providing all facility and support to conduct such Events. We also thank Vice Chancellor Dr. S.Y. Kulkarni sir, Registrar Dr. M. Dhanamjaya sir, Dean, Placement, Training, and Planning Dr. N. Ramesh sir for their constant support in organizing such events.

We thank our beloved Director, School of ECE Dr. R. C. Biradar sir for his constant encouragement and guidance in organizing for all such activities.

We also thank our General Manager Col. K. Nataraj sir and Deputy GM (Admin) Mr. G. Lakshmanan sir for the logistical support. We extend thank to all the faculties and technical staffs of the School of ECE for their support.

Address :

Semiconductor Technology and Applied Research Centre,

A Unit of SITAR, Government of INDIA.

PO Box No.1640, off Old Madras Road, 
Doorvani Nagar P.O., Bangalore 560 016, India.

Industrial Visit Semiconductor Technology and Applied Research Centre