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23 Jan 2020

International Conference on Innovations in Business environment

About the Conference

Innovation is maturing as a fanatical subject inside the improvement and humanitarian sectors, combining rising applied sciences with user-centric, behavioral and lean approaches. These are being driven in-part because agencies steadily extra understand how sustainability creates real backside line value. In enterprise and enterprise, innovation is rightly considered as a key catalyst to growth. In many organizations, innovation is linked to nice changes in Efficiency, Productivity, Quality, Competitiveness and Market share. Sustainable development has determined its way not solely in academic curriculum however also in ways with the aid of which company are run. Given this, a lot of researches have taken region in adoption of sustainable improvement as a policy initiative in recent times each nationally as properly as internationally. By explore the latest developments in improvements and sustainable improvement in order to enrich the fields of management. Both innovation and sustainable improvement are intricately linked. Economic increase of any u . s . relies upon on industrialization, globalization, innovations which leads to the growth of business and increasing the employability.

Objectives of the conference

Sub themes

Track: I -Economic Growth & Sustainability: International Trade and Economic Growth, Global Inclusion Practices: Lessons from Countries in Asia and Africa, Finance and Investment including Foreign Direct Investment: National Growth Perspective, Global Economic Volatilities and Impact on National Economies, Export-led growth and sustainability, Global/Regional Financial Organizations and Growth, Innovation management and Sustainable Development, Make in India, Skill India, Digital India, Smart Cities Initiatives, Fiscal Policy for Growth Stabilization, Monetary Policy and Economic Stability, Inclusive growth and sustainable development and Inclusive growth and sustainable development: Indian perspective.

Track:II- Finance: Financial Instruments, Financial Services, Investment Management, International Finance, Financial literacy, Financial Modeling, Behavioral finance, Total quality management, Balanced score card, Financial modeling and engineering, Corporate finance and Corporate Governance, Venture Capital and Private Equity, Financial econometrics, Risk management, Financial intermediation, IPO’s, Market frictions and asset pricing, Real Estate market analysis and Healthcare finance.

Track: III- Human Resource Management: Innovative HR Models, Recent trends in HRM, Sustainable HR competencies, HR metrics, HR development, HR capital balance sheet management, Organizational behaviors’ and knowledge management  
Cross- Culture management, Multi-generational gaps in workforce, Ethical Governance at HR level, Infusion of healthy attrition, Mentoring programmes in corporate sector, Developmental obsolescence among middle level managers, Image of HR line functions of organization, Psychological contract, HR analytics and Emotional Intelligence, Industrial relations giving way to employee relations, Ambidextrous leadership and altruistic leadership, Learning organization disciplines, Human Capital, Creativity and Innovation and Artificial intelligence in business.
Track: IV-Marketing Management: Sustainable marketing and small business marketing, CRM in Digital Era, Retail marketing, Service innovations and management, Mobile marketing, Sales promotions strategies, Green Marketing , New product development, Customer relationship management, Customer loyalty , Marketing ethics, Services and service quality, Advertising and branding, E-marketing, Corporate social responsibility, Market Research Philosophy and Practice, Branding and Brand Equality , Export Marketing Strategy and Performance and Marketing strategies for Agri-Business and sustainable development. 

Track: V-Institutional Framework for Inclusive Growth: Banking and Financial Inclusion, Small Finance Banks & Payment Banks, Micro Finance Institutions and Inclusive Growth, Non-Government Organizations as Growth Drivers, Legal Systems, Intellectual Property Rights and Economic Prosperity, Capacity building in Indian MSMEs, Digital Platforms for Growth, Social Entrepreneurship and empowerment

International Conference on Innovations in Business environment