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12 Jun 2019

Launch of UDAAN Programme by REVA University Industry Interaction Centre

REVA University in collaboration with Dusters Total Solutions Services (DTSS) inaugurated UDAAN programme which is a unique platform for upskilling employees to help them with their carrier transition. The programme is inaugurated by Honourable Chancellor Dr. P. Shyama Raju, Vice Chancellor Dr. S. Y. Kulkarni, Registrar Dr. M. Dhanamjaya, DTSS Managing Director Mr. Shemshare Puri and Team.

DTSS, an SIS Group Enterprise & REVA University Industry Interaction Centre have joined hands to launch a pioneering programme for the people employed in the Facility Management services industry.

DTSS is a forerunner in the facility management industry in India. Its workforce comprises of the population from urban poor and rural migrants, the majority of who have not completed their school education. As an organization which believes that learning can transform lives, UDAAN Programme was piloted in 2018 as an internal training platform for the up-skilling of tenured supervisors so that they can be eligible for graduating into management roles that open up in the organization.

REVA University and DTSS have been actively working in the employability space and are now collaborating to run short term courses for experienced supervisors of DTSS in a formal academic structure. For the first batch, 16 supervisors from various parts of the country on active rolls of DTSS and SMCL - an entity of the SIS Group, will go through a 2-month learning programme in the campus.

This partnership of REVA and DTSS will definitely pave way for many such academia-industry partnerships, opening up the gates of prestigious campuses like REVA for the less privileged, an opportunity to experience campus life which otherwise is just a dream!

Launch of UDAAN Programme by REVA University Industry Interaction Centre