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15 Mar 2019

One Day National Level Conference In Connection WCRD

The consumer protection movement has been gaining momentum in the recent years and has also been a buzz word in the context of globalization. The movement has emerged as one of the means of achieving full consumer protection.

The World Consumer Rights Day (WCRD) is an awareness day, which is being observed on March 15 every year. The WCRD was established on 15 March 1983 with an aim of promoting consumer rights around the world. The WCRD was first celebrated in 1983 and became an important annual occasion for mobilizing citizen's action and solidarity within the international consumer movement. The day is an opportunity for promoting the basic rights of all consumers, demanding that those rights are respected and adhered to both in word and indeed.

From smart phones to wearable fitness trackers, to voice-activated assistants and smart TVs, many of the products we use are increasingly becoming connected by default. This World Consumers Rights Day 15th March 2019 will be highlighting what consumers want and need from a connected world and how important it is to put them at the heart of the development of these digital products and services. The theme of the seminar is thus conceptualized in the title - “Trusted Smart Products’”.

Smart products are connected to the internet and receive, collect and send data. Globally, there are currently 23.1 billion smart products in the world, outnumbering people three to one. As more people come online across the world and our connection to the internet becomes better and faster, smart products will become more of a day-to-day reality for consumers everywhere, marking a major change in the way many consumers interact with products and services.

The emergence of smart technology brings many opportunities for consumers; access to new services, more responsive products, greater convenience and choice. There are, however, some significant causes for concern: lack of security, privacy and meaningful choice over how we use them, as well as a lack of clarity about who is responsible when things go wrong. There are also issues around lack of access, with millions of people globally locked out of this new technology by overly high data charges.


The sub themes of the proposed Seminar include:

Chief Patron : Dr. P. Shyama Raju, Chancellor, Reva University.

Patrons :
Dr. S. Y. Kulkarni - Vice-Chancellor, Reva University.
Dr. M. Dhanamjaya - Registrar, REVA University
Dr.V.G Talawar - Advisor, REVA University
Dr. N. Ramesh - Director, Placement and Planning, REVA University 
Dr. Diwakar B P - Director, R & I, REVA University
Dr. P. Narayana Reddy

Research Advisor, Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies REVA University and Group Director, Sanskrithi Group of Institutions, Puttaparthi, Anantapur,

The Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies, REVA University organised a One-Day National Conference, in Connection With “World Consumer Rights Day” THEME: “Trusted Smart Products” on 15th March 2019 at Kuvempu Auditorium in the University Campus to bring the Indian and global perspectives together on the World Consumer Rights focusing on Trusted Smart Products. The conference aims to deliberate upon various issues and challenges of Consumer rights at global and Indian context. The conference was inaugurated by Dr.P.Shyama Raju, Hon’ble Chancellor, Dr.S.Y.Kulkarni, Vice Chancellor and Dr.M.Dhanmajaya, Registrar and Dr.Shubha A, Director, School of Commerce and Management Studies of REVA University in the presence of Chief Guests Mr.H.K.Jagadeesh, Special Secretary to Government, Law Department, Karnataka. Mr. Naveen Venu Gopal and the host of other dignitaries. The conference was witnessed by around 800 participants including 95 delegates from across the India. The faculty of Commerce & Management Studies and other faculty of various departments were took part in the inauguration of the conference. Plenary Session and Paper presentations were made in 5 parallel Technical sessions on 15th March 2019. The programme was comes to an end, with fruitful deliberations on various issues, with the Valedictory session on 15th March 2019 Evening.

Plenary Session: The Plenary session was organized with the eminent scholars to have a greater insight on to the developments across the Countries in the world on the sphere of Consumer Rights. Mr.Naveen Venu Gopal delivered special lecture on Legal Aspects of Consumer Protection Act.

Valedictory Session

The Valedictory function was arranged at 4.30 pm in the Kalpanachavala Seminar Hall, Swami Vivekananda Block, REVA University where in Director, Dr.Shubha A, delivered the valedictory address and Dr.S.K.Prasad, Professor, School of Management Studies has presented reporters report. The event was organized successfully with fruitful academic deliberations on several Consumer rights. Around 75 outside delegates were participated in the event.

Vote of thanks-Photos’

Dr. Harani B, Conference Organizer, proposed vote of thanks. She stated that all the 5 conference sessions brought about the Indian and respective countries perspectives as well through the words of wisdom by the eminent speakers and the knowledge that shared by them would immensely benefit all the delegates. She then thanked all the dignitaries, delegates and participants of the conference. She extended heartfelt thanks to beloved Chancellor Dr. P. Shyama Raju Sir for providing all facility and support to conduct this conference and for his acceptance to grace his presence in the function in spite of his busy managerial engagements. She also extending gratitude to Vice Chancellor Dr. S. Y.Kulkarni Sir, Registrar Dr. M. Dhanamjaya Sir for their presence. She has taken this probability to specific her honest thanks and gratitude to Director Madam, School of Commerce and Management Studies Dr. Shubha A for her unwavering support and guidance. She extended her gratitude to all the instructing and non-teaching of Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies for their encouragement and support. He additionally expressed his gratitude and thanks to all of the University officers and Marketing and Branding crew of REVA University for their constant guide to behavior this convention in a profitable manner.

One Day National Level Conference In Connection WCRD