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01 Sep 2019

Post Disaster Community Housing

Attended by:

  1. Students of School of Architecture- 54
  2. Faculty members of the School of Architecture:  07

School of Architecture, REVA University organized an expert lecture on Post Disaster Community Housing, by Indonesian Architect Eko Agus Prawoto on 1st September, 2019 at Library Seminar Hall. This talk was organized mainly for the 5th semester students, as part of their curriculum, where they have been introduced to the need for designing Community based housing project.

Eko Prawoto is an Indonesian architect and educator who combines contemporary design with local knowledge, as he views his buildings as social entities as much as physical objects. His designs are not only environmentally sensitive but also reduce building costs Through the use of locally sourced and often recycled materials. Ar. Prawoto's practice expands beyond architecture, including collaborations with artists, exhibiting (including at the Venice Architecture Biennale), teaching and advocacy.

Ar. Prowoto began the talk by explaining how the idea of creating a post disaster community for Sabaa people in Indonesia was conceived by the local authorities. His lecture included glimpses of Earthquake resistant buildings made from natural materials such as bamboo, straw and coconut wood. He also explained how he used his expertise in the reconstruction efforts following the 2006 earthquake, where he helped villagers to rebuild their homes as earthquake resistant structures ensuring economy and speedy construction.

Such invited talks of interactive nature add a new dimension to course delivery and alleviate the disinterest created in regular class room lectures. The presentation was rich in visual imagery and sound in its analysis and made an instant connect with the audience. Students were sensitized to the need for sustainable community based housing development.

Post Disaster Community Housing