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11 Mar 2019

Report of Expert Lecture on Infill design in historic precincts

School of Architecture, REVA University organized an expert lecture on “Infill design in historic precincts”, by Prof. Raghu Teja V., Associate Professor, School of Architecture on 11th March, 2019 at AV Room 123. This talk was organized mainly for the 4th semester students, as a part of their curriculum, where they are designing a tourist lodge within the historic precincts of Barkur town in Udupi district of Karnataka.

The fourth semester students are doing the vernacular architecture documentation of Barkur and Brahmavar, which is located near the coastal area of Udupi, in a hot-humid region. The students have experienced the spectacular spatial and visual character on the town. A design intervention within such strong context is usually challenging as the architect has to show sensitivity to the context while maintaining originality of design. Prof. Raghu teja explained the process of Infill design in a step by step manner starting from introduction to Infill design concept, various approaches towards Infill design and examples of Buildings where architects have employed these approaches for infill design.

Ar. Raghu Teja explained the Pastiche and Juxtaposition approaches towards Infill design which can be used as solutions while designing in a strong historic context. He picked up examples from works of famous architects around the world such as Frank Gehry, Daniel Liebeskind etc to elucidate clearly the two diverging approaches. He also stressed on the need to study the form, scale, material, proportions etc of the built environment before proposing an infill.

The lecture was well appreciated by the IVth semester students who felt that these approaches can be directly applied to their studio project. Overall the expert lecture has motivated the students towards exploring innovative yet sensitive design solutions for their studio project

Report of Expert Lecture on Infill design in historic precincts