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13 Feb 2020

Report of Expert Lecture on Provincial Style of Architecture Bengal

Report of Expert Lecture on Provincial Style of Architecture- Bengal
Faculty coordinator:  Prof. Neeraja Jayan, Prof. Akshatha Narayan
Course: History of Architecture- IV 
Resource Person: Ar. Shubhi Sonal
Attended by:
1.      Students of School of Architecture- 70
2.      Faculty members of the School of Architecture:  2
One of the best practices of REVA University is course enrichment by guest lectures offered by in-house faculty members in their areas of expertise. School of Architecture, REVA University organized an expert lecture on Provincial style of Architecture for the 4th semester students, as part of their curriculum, by Prof. Shubhi Sonal where they have to be introduced to the outstanding examples of Bengal under the rule of Delhi Sultanate. 

Prof. Shubhi Sonal explained the two important phases of building construction under the rule of Delhi Sultanate. She began her lecture by explaining the local climatic conditions and how it influences the architecture of the region. She also explained about the different building typology and typical planning layout of a mosque or tomb. Bengal sultanate used brick as their primary building material for construction which was explained through detailed examples such as Adina Masjid, Eklakhi Tomb, Dakhil Darwaza and Tantipara masjid. In addition to this, the students were introduced to the remarkable techniques used for dome construction using brick and squinch arches. 

Outcomes of the expert lecture
1. Importance of Climate in architectural design
2. Development of new Indo-Islamic style in Bengal Province during 12th -15th century
3. Introduction to efficient construction technology of domes and arches
4. Brick as a strong, durable and readily available building material.

This lecture was an invigorating session and helped the students gain a fresh perspective different from the regular lectures. 

Our sincere thanks to the Prof.Shubhi Sonal for her time and expertise. Also we thank the Management, REVA University and our Director, School of Architecture for continuous support and guidance.

Report of Expert Lecture on Provincial Style of Architecture Bengal