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12 Oct 2019

Report on History of Architecture-III -Documentation Studio

Faculty coordinator:  Prof. Shubhi Sonal, Prof. Neeraja Jayan, Prof. Sanjeev N Koppar, 
Course: History of Architecture-III 
Students: 3rd SEM, B.Arch.
No. of Students: 74
The 3rd semester students of School of Architecture, REVA University undertook two day continuous documentation exercise of temple architecture of North Karnataka. This documentation was an outcome of the three day study trip to North Karnataka which took place from 29th-31st July, 2019. The places visited as part of study tour were Hampi World Heritage site, Itagi, Lakkundi, Dambal and Annigeri. The students were divided into 14groups for the documentation. 

The students were required to achieve the following outputs as part of two day documentation exercise

  1. 2D panel documentation on 6mm MDF board which includes plan, section, elevation and sketches of important architectural features of various temples of North Karnataka such as Virupaksha and Vijaya Vitthala temple Hampi, Nanneshwara temple and Step Wells of Manikeshwara, Lakkundi, Doddabasappa Temple Dambal and Comparison of Architectural elements(columns/plinth/ornamentation-across various temples).
  2. 3D model including comparative analysis of Shikaras of six temples, Sanchi stupa, Chaitya Hall at Karle, Jain temple Lakkundi and Mahadeva temple Itagi
  3. Video documentation and presentation of Hampi Bazaar at Sacred Centre, Lakkundi settlement and Kashi Vishveshwara temple, Lakkundi

These panel documentation will be presented to the jury members and also, will be displayed in School of Architecture, REVA University.

We would like to thank Management REVA, and our Director, School of Architecture, Dr. Vimala Swamy, for the constant support and guidance. 

Report on History of Architecture-III -Documentation Studio