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14 Oct 2019

Report on Industrial Visit Indian Packing Products, KIADBI, Doddabalapur

Venue : Indian Packing Products, KIADBI, Doddabalapur

Industrial visits help the students to provide an exposure about practical working environment and to gain full awareness about industrial practices. In this concern School of Mechanical Engineering organized a visit for third semester students to Indian Packing Products, KIADBI, Doddabalapur. The 54 students and two faculty members got benefited from this industrial visit.

India Packaging Products Pvt. Ltd. (IPP) is an industry leader specialising in design and manufacturing of high precision Injection moulded components and sub-assemblies. Over the years, the Company has accomplished a reputation for producing components of the highest quality and has achieved distinction in customer satisfaction in virtually every industry segment i.e. Food Packaging, Electronics, Cosmetics, Automotive, Textiles, Telecommunication and Pharmaceuticals. Some of our products are also exported by our customers to meet their global market requirements.

Mr.C.P. Navneeth Kumar, Vice President-Operations, India Packaging Products Pvt. Ltd. interacted with the students in their training center about plastic molding and students also got exposure to industry. Students are learned about all the process incurred in plastic molding and they got cleared their doubts by asking with production in charge.

Prof. Avinash S
Prof. Venkatesh B K

Report on Industrial Visit Indian Packing Products, KIADBI, Doddabalapur