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18 Mar 2019

Report on Industrial Visit to Mother Dairy Yelahanka New Town

As part of the curriculum, students of 2nd semester ‘C’ section had been to industrial study tour to Mother dairy, a unit of KMF, yelahanka, Bengaluru

Milk being the breakfast powerhouse and an everyday essential nutrient, students where very keen in knowing its processing and packaging levels. As we got through the security check, we were taken to the sterilization unit where the milk crates were being sterilized using hot pressure wash technique, after the washing process the crates where arranged one above and was sent through milk and curd packaging section. This was an interesting section where we saw the milk and curd being packed through machine fillers with little or no human intervention. After watching the packing techniques, we also understood that mother dairy is using a combination of high density and low density polyethylene.

The spokesperson Mr. Narendra saw students walking tired under the sun and offered us rejoicing mango lassi and masala buttermilk, theproduction of which has increased due to the increasing in summer demand. After which we were taken to a lecture hall and explained about the processing, packing and marketing process adopted by KMF.

At the end of the tour, they took us to powder milk manufacturing unit and tetra packaging unit and briefed us about it and also showed us the GPRS tracking system that is installed in dairy transport vehicles. They surprised students by offering free ice creams and made our visit an unforgettable one.

Report on Industrial Visit to Mother Dairy Yelahanka New Town