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13 Aug 2019

Report on Pottery Town Site Visit-Benson Town and Project Case Studies in Bangalore

Subject: Architectural Design-V

Faculty:Dr. Siva Jaganathan, Ar. Harshita D, Ar. Nazish Abid & Ar. Krithikha Selvi K J

Date    :August 13, 2019

Site visit and Projects visited:

As part of extended activities for the course of Architectural Design-V, involving Semester -V Students of architecture in activity-based learning, identified important case studies and project site for novice designers to learn from best practical examples of architectural projects and site issues related to community housing.  Prior to Case Study and Site Visit, a brief has given for case study protocols and methods the students have to follow when collecting data.


Following are the identified important case studies, students to learn about design studio project Community Housing, issues and problems; designer’s ideology; design principles; form finding process and methods; visual cohesion and aesthetic appreciation; materials and construction engineering; services and various other facility engineering features (Fig. 1).  Based on the mentioned parameters checklist were prepared for each case studies to collect appropriate and reliable data as preamble to the problem-based design studio project. Further this enable the students to develop apparent understanding through critical analysis and design analogy.  5th semester students of Section A and B keen participation made this extended activity successful as one of their learning exercises.  The pertinence of such an extended activity outside studio classroom to enhance students “sensorial experience’ to address real time project issues and problems.  All the three projects and site visit curated by site engineers and guided by faculty coordinators to learn application knowledge both implicit and explicit.  At the outset student’s investigation identified that each case study has its own uniqueness and design features found to be insightful.   For instance, in Pottery town- Benson Town Bengaluru, in the midst of posh low rise-high dense urban fabric, how pottery community squatter settlement and their indigenous culture, lifestyle and livelihood sustained to cope up with the prospect of mainstream economic activities.  It attracts visitors, students, journalist, buyers from various parts of This have been studied from the architectural perspectives to attract customers from various parts of Bengaluru.  This become a tourism destination for arts and crafts in the heart of busy city.  Secondly, retirement home designed by eminent architect Sanjay Mohe work showcase geriatric people needs and how spatial order, levels and various activity spaces improve ease of their navigation for social interaction, accessibility of spaces at different level and elegantly intertwined service facility (i.e. Facility for high rise) that maintain the symbolism of contemporary architecture. But in Good Earth Village it is contrast, student learnt the concept of Eco-friendly houses and design drivers (i.e. Row housing, play of Forms, levels, volumes, roofing systems, earth mounds and use of earthly materials etc) could change the people notion to adopt and maintain the serenity of eco-friendly and green living. Further, students observed use of various recyclable and vernacular materials and its construction techniques and methods; In the last project, Habitat Crest, students studied integrated service features, building automation, energy efficient features in high rise structures and various other mechanized facility that supports the operation of buildings.  This visit has proven that through an activity-based learning, it’s feasible to enhance students’ knowledge and improve cognitive ability for problem-based solution approach.

Report on Pottery Town Site Visit-Benson Town and Project Case Studies in Bangalore