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04 Sep 2019

Report on REVA Campus Field Trip

In line with the Chancellor Sir’s idea of considering REVA Campus as a live laboratory for case study, the students were taken around, inside the REVA campus to describe the placement and uses of various landscape features. Students were able to identify the man-made features such as Arbor, Gazebo, Potted plants, kerb walls etc. scattered in the campus. Students also saw and learnt the practical use of the landscape elements and moreover, students were able to trace back the origin of those landscape elements from the historical references such as Renaissance Italian, French and Mughal garden. The placement of dustbin and sign-boards as important features of any landscape area inside the campus are well planned.

Apart from Man-made elements, students also observed the natural elements, their placement and uses in an institute. The distribution of evergreen and deciduous trees along the streets provide vista and texture to the pathway. Selection of different kinds of plants and trees which blooms in different seasons gives the elements of surprise and keep the campus colorful and green throughout the year.

The fascination of learning landscape architecture by civil engineering students became profound after having a field trip and experiencing the significance of landscape design.

I would thank the REVA management for providing us such beautiful and well-equipped campus in all respect and Director, School of Architecture for encouragement and support.

Report on REVA Campus Field Trip