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26 Sep 2019

Report on Site visit to Rainwater Harvesting Theme Park, Jayanagar, Bangalore

Faculty coordinators: Ar.Anupadma.R.& Er. Nagaraj.S
Course: Building Services -I

Attended by:

  1. Students of School of Architecture, III Sem (A&B)- 72
  2. Faculty members of the School of Architecture:  02

School of Architecture, REVA University organized a site visit to Rainwater Harvesting Theme Park, Jayanagar, Bangalore (3rd sem B.Arch.).

Building Services-I, at 3rd semester B.Arch. level, proposes the basic knowledge and importance about the Water Supply and Sanitation services in a building System. The Students are also exposed to the essential details of the built environment like storm water management, solid waste management and water / sewage treatment.

RWH theme park is a centralized exhibit of different methods and systems involved in rainwater harvesting. They have varied displays on outdoor storm water harvesting systems and a scaled model exhibit to show their working concepts in detail. For instance, it covers rain garden, Injection well, percolation pits, recharge wells, a house model to explain the storm water down take, Collection, filtration and storage, gutter made of different materials and its details, filtration models, water conservation and distribution system, etc.,

Students had an interactive session with the BWSSB engineers, namely Er. Sunil, Er. Nikhilesh and Er. Abhishek, who explained/demonstrated the displays/setup to the students. A video documentary was played in the auditorium at the end of the session on the water supply systems of Bangalore, insisting on the need of water conservation and the stormwater management. Students are captivated to see and understand the concepts involved in storm water management.

Outcomes of the study visit:

The III Sem B.Arch. students were able to recognise the importance of storm water management with a thoughtful understanding on concepts, systems involved in it and need of water conservation. This visit will certainly enhance their knowledge and outlook pertaining to the subject. They will document the learnings from the site visit in the form of a report.

We would like to thank the management and team at REVA University for their support and constant encouragement towards our endeavours.

Report on Site visit to Rainwater Harvesting Theme Park, Jayanagar, Bangalore