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16 Nov 2019

Report on Site visit to STP (Sewage Treatment Plant)

Faculty coordinators: Ar.Anupadma.R.
Course: Building Services -I
Attended by:
Students of School of Architecture, III Sem (A&B)- 35
Faculty members of the School of Architecture:  01

School of Architecture, REVA University organized a site visit to Sewage Treatment Plant (STP), REVA University, Bangalore to 3rd Semester B.Arch. students. Building Services-I, at 3rd semester B.Arch. level, proposes the basic knowledge and importance about the Water Supply and Sanitation services in a building System. The Students are also exposed to the essential details of the built environment like storm water management, solid waste management and water / sewage treatment as part of their curriculum. 

REVA university holds a GREEN CAMPUS, as part of which the STP of 1.8 million liters capacity is set up in the campus, which can yield min. 8000 liters of treated water for reuse. It encompasses various chambers, filtration plant, sludge treatment plant, etc., The plant is run and well maintained by our REVA University. Er. Venkatesh elucidated the process of the sewage treatment to the students at site by taking them to different chamber to explain various process involved and the catalyst used to expedite the process. In addition, Centralized LPG system adopted for hostel mess has also been explained to them. 

Outcomes of the study visit:

The III Sem B.Arch. students were able to recognize the importance of Sewage treatment plant with a thorough understanding on concepts, systems involved in it. They also understood the centralized LPG gas supply system. This visit will certainly enhance their knowledge and outlook pertaining to the subject. We would like to thank the management and team at REVA University for their support and constant encouragement towards our endeavors.

Report on Site visit to STP (Sewage Treatment Plant)