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08 Nov 2019

Report on Talk on awareness of Intellectual Property Right

IPR Cell, UIIC, REVA University in association with, School of Architecture has organized and conducted a session on Awareness of Patent, Copyright and trademark secrets. 39 students from 7th semester and 2 faculties from School of Architecture have attended the season on 8th November 2019 and get benefited with it.

Trainer Adv. Arshiya Ambreen, explained the technical and complicated process of patent and its necessity through metamorphic references from several day-to-day life events and stories from Indian mythology, which made the season interactive and much easier for the students to comprehend. Students not only learned the necessary features for an idea to be considered for patent but also apprehend the basic criteria before filling for patent. Description from surrounding and current affairs on Patent criteria such as New invention, Non-obvious idea and Industrial application along with explanation of concept of “Prior art” brought clarity among the students. Students were very curious and asked several questions to get proper understanding on various aspect of Intellectual properties and their significance.

The Season was effective and brought awareness in several students and faculty participants.

Report on Talk on awareness of Intellectual Property Right