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13 Sep 2019

Report on Talk on woman empowerment

Women's empowerment and achieving gender equality is essential for our society to ensure the sustainable development of the nation. Sustainable development is impossible without gender equality and women's empowerment. Many women feel the pressures of gender discrimination and comparatively less confidence, while others have become accustomed to being treated inferior to men.

To change the scenario, it is essential to educate woman from the beginning for being confident, self-dependent, bold and strong.

To bring awareness on the above mentioned area, Miss Soumya and Sandhya from Hindustan Unilever Limited gave a talk on following topic, to the students of Architecture.
1. Grooming
2. Women Empowerment
3. Hygiene
The discussion includes how to maintain appearance, tips for talk to high authority and present themselves during meetings and interviews. Addition to that, suggestion on maintaining self-hygiene and being confident during any presentation. 

We sincerely thanks Miss Soumya for giving the influencing talk on bringing awareness among girl students from school of Architecture REVA University.

Report on Talk on woman empowerment