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23 Nov 2019

Report on Urban Design Field Study

Report on Urban Design Field Study, Bangalore

Date: 23rd November 2019
Faculty coordinators:  Ujjal Halder
Places visited: RMV 2nd stage, New Bel road, Bangalore
Course: Urban Design
Semester: VII 
No. of Students- 20

Urban design study for Child Friendly Cities
“A Good City is one in which children can grow and develop to the extent of their powers; where they can build their confidence and become actively engaged in the world; yet be autonomous and capable of managing their own affairs.” Kevin Lynch, Growing Up in Cities, 1977. We believe that the best way to learn more about our cities is by exploring them - by walking, observing, recording, and sharing.

OBJECTIVE- To understand and experience child-friendly legal framework, city-wide children’s rights strategy, Children’s participation, children’s rights unit or coordinating mechanism, comprehensive strategy or agenda for building a child-friendly city in an Urban Setting in a context of Bangalore.

As a part of curriculum, Urban Design-VII for 7th semester, B.Arch., Students were taken to a residential zone in Bangalore to study Child Friendly Cities parameters in an Urban Context. The students were taken to RMV 2nd Stage layout, near New Bel Road, Bangalore, so that they can understand Child Friendly Cities parameters in Indian context. The students were also able to analyse opportunities, physical design interventions, participatory approach, children’s needs, safety as a parameter, public realm and promoted an inclusive approach in the delineated area. Students were able to understand different land-use and activity patterns surrounded by this area. They were able to understand the parameters for Child Friendly Cities at macro and micro level.

•  The site study helped in understanding Child Friendly Cities parameters in Indian context in an Urban Context of Bangalore.
•  The students got the opportunity to see urban design elements and activity pattern in a designed residential layout.
•  Students were made to sketch on-site- the various activity happening around the specific area and a report and presentation on the same has been asked to submit as part of the assignment. 

We would like to thank our beloved Chancellor, Dr. P. Shyama Raju sir for providing all facilities and support to organize this study tour. We also thank Vice Chancellor Dr.S.Y.Kulkarni sir, Advisor, Dr. V.G. Talawar sir, Registrar Dr. M. Dhanamjaya sir, and Dean-Training, Placement and Planning, Dr. N. Ramesh sir, for their motivation, help and support in making this study tour a grand success. We also thank our Director, School of Architecture, Dr. Vimala Swamy, for her constant support and guidance. 

Report on Urban Design Field Study