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21 Jun 2019

Report on visit to Workbench Projects Pvt. Ltd.

The UIIC, REVA University had organized a visit to “Workbench Projects Pvt. Ltd” for all the faculties on 21st June 2019. Mr. Richard, from Workbench Projects Pvt. Ltd was the resource person.

About Workbench Projects Pvt. Ltd : Workbench Projects is a platform that was created to enable creation. We want to facilitate, inspire and motivate just about everybody to give their creativity a voice and a vision. What we bring to the table is our growing space with all the technology that you could ask for, experts, advisors, mentors, and investors. All you need to bring is an idea or the desire to tackle our society’s many problems with a fresh pair of eyes.

The following were the key areas of visit and discussion:

1. Digital Fabrication Lab Consisting of 3D Printing, 3D Scanner, Laser cutting and Customized shirt printing ( All the products were in house built by new start-ups)

2. DIY Guru (Co- Partners) Conducting of hands- on training in various areas ranging from Electrical Vehicle Design to Solar PV Design

3. In-house Carpentry workshop Design and Development of new products with layer of puzzle added to it.

4. Bio – Hacking Developing a safe and efficient waste management system and Vegan Leather

5. PCB Design and 3D Cutting In-house PCB manufacturing and 3D cutting facilities are developed.

The visit was very informative and interactive as all the faculties were involved in the discussion. It gave a very good insight into the latest trending research areas and product development. The Team with 23 Faculties Was Led By Dr. Divakar, Director, R&I, Dr. Vimala Swamy, Director, Architecture, Dr. S Senthil, Director, School Of Computer Science & Applications, Dr. R C Biradar, Director, School Of Electronics & Communication Engineering, Dr. Sunil Kumar S Manvi, Director, School Of Computing And Information Technology, Dr. Kiran Kumari Patil, Director, UIIC.

We would like to thank our beloved Honorable Chancellor Dr. P. Shyama Raju Sir for providing us with all the necessary facility and support for conduction of this visit. We also thank Vice Chancellor Dr. S.Y.Kulkarni Sir for his constant support and motivation. Finally would like to thank the REVA University management for their support and providing us with all the facilities for the visit.

Report on visit to Workbench Projects Pvt. Ltd.