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12 Mar 2020

Report on Workshop on Photography and Video Documentation

Faculty coordinators:  Prof. Neeraja Jayan, Prof. Akshatha Narayan 
Course: History of Architecture-IV
Resource person: Ar. Varun Nagaraj
Students: 4th SEM, B.Arch.
No. of Students: 70
School of Architecture, REVA University conducted a workshop on Photography and Video documentation on Thursday 12th March, 2020. Ar. Varun Nagaraj, a practicing architect and a passionate photographer was invited as the resource person for the workshop. The main objective of this workshop was to introduce students to different aspects of photography and also introduce to tools used for the photo and video editing. 

The workshop conducted by Ar.Varun began with lot of interesting exercises to make a student comprehend the importance of perspective, lighting and sound in a photograph and video respectively. He also explained why it is important to have a perspective through an interesting exercise and also how an individual’s observations are different from another individual and how it finally influences the way a person looks at a building. The workshop concluded with an exercise where the students were asked to imagine a situation or place related to school of Architecture and how differently they would want to craft it and present it to others. 

Report on Workshop on Photography and Video Documentation