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04 Apr 2019


School of Architecture, REVA University takes pride in constantly inculcating creativity in the minds of our students. Our annual flagship event REVA Rachana is an effort towards the same where students get to exhibit their varied talents in the realm of creativity as well as entrepreneurship. This year REVA Rachana was held on April 3rd and 4th, 2019.

DAY 1 – 3rd April, 2019 
The first day post lunch was dedicated to informal events directed by the senior students of 6th semester which included events such as games, competitions, musical performances, fashion show and standup comedy acts by students. 
The event saw active participation by students of 2nd, 4th and 6th semester students. The jovial environment was further enhanced by soulful music and dance performances by both students and faculty members. The day concluded with a colorful fashion show conducted by the students depicting their sense of style and refined aesthetic sensibilities.

DAY 2 – 4th APRIL, 2019
The event on 4th April began with a guest talk by Ar. Kiran Venkatesh, INform architects, Bangalore at the library seminar hall. Ar. Kiran Venkatesh inspired the students by showing interesting visuals and concepts related to his building projects. The sensitivity towards context, sustainability and play of form displayed in his projects enthralled the students. Ar. Kiran Venkatesh visited the School of Architecture where he appreciated the excellent infrastructure and students’ works displayed in the exhibition halls. He appreciated the use of software in student projects and suggested holistic integration of art and digital skills into the curriculum. He also congratulated the school on its well-stocked library and student facilities. 
The highlight of the day was REVART-2019 - exhibition of handicrafts, art work, food and games by students at the Open-Air theatre. The event was inaugurated by Hon’ble Chancellor Dr. P. Shyama Raju, Vice Chancellor Dr. S. Y. Kulkarni in the presence of Ar. Kiran Venkatesh by a vibrant release of colorful balloons symbolizing free spirit and boundless creativity. All the dignitaries appreciated the students’ efforts in putting up stalls with creative handicrafts, games and delicious food items representing the multifaceted talents of the young architects. 
REVART was initiated in the year 2015 by a motley group of architecture students as a small-scale sale of art work. The event has grown in leaps and bounds in the past 4 years becoming a highly awaited event for the entire University. REVART 2019 was a grand success evidenced by the teeming crowd of students and faculty members thronging the event throughout the day. Students displayed a multitude of talents including fine arts, craft works, innovative games as well as on-spot art work such as henna, body art and live portraits. While the academic curriculum at School of Architecture helps inculcate skills in the students, events such as REVART encourage students to showcase and monetize their skills. The event provides great exposure to the creative minds as they learn to market their skills with effective communication and presentation techniques. The entrepreneurial streak seen in the students was greatly appreciated by all visitors. 
School of architecture is also proud to announce that the annual exhibition of students’ works is now open for public viewing. The exhibition will be kept open till the end of the month for the benefit of students, parents and architecture enthusiasts in the city. School of Architecture is immensely grateful to the management at REVA University for providing excellent infrastructural support and encouragement in all our endeavours. We also seek to acknowledge the efforts of faculty members and students who have worked tirelessly to make this event a grand success