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18 Jul 2019

Seminar on Project Development By CSA

Objective of the Session:
The Objective of the session is to guide the students as part of project based learning. It aims to guide the students in different modules of the project. It includes requirement specification, Design of the project, Implementation, analysis, Testing etc.

Topics discussed in the session 
Professional Project development skills is a must for any student, to know the basics of project requirements and to have positive attitude towards learning new things. 
Concepts such as front and back end implementation, database connections, ER diagram and design. 
Also discussed RDBMS, relational models, tabular representation of the entity sets etc. 
Real time example- designing the ER model for Banking enterprise. 
Choosing the right projects and ideas to be developed by discussionwith guides/ faculties or through survey.

Seminar on Project Development By CSA