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10 May 2019

Site Visit to an Under construction site at Hormavu

To give an on-site experience for the students to understand the construction of filler slab, the kind of filler materials used, folded plate-Ferro cement staircase and manufacturing of customized bricks and mud blocks.

Students of 4th semester, B.Arch.., visited an under-construction project at Horamavu, Bangalore. The project is an upcoming residential apartment using low cost techniques and it is in the final phases of construction.

The students learnt the onsite construction of filler slab, manufacturing of filler materials like custom-made Mangalore tiles and also the use of coconut shell as filler material. They were fortunate to see folded plate staircase. The site engineers and faculty explained various drawings and construction details to the students with reference to the existing working drawings of project and also how filler slab reduces the construction costs. The engineers also explained the type of cement used, cement-sand ratio and also the method of pointing.

• The site visit helped in understanding various construction details and advantages of filler slabs. 
• They got the opportunity to explore construction of folded plate-Ferro cement staircase. 
• Students were made to sketch on-site- the various construction details and a two page report on the same has been asked to submit as part of the IA assignment.


Site Visit to an Under construction site at Hormavu